Should you wait for the iPhone 8?

Apple iPhone 8: wireless charging FTW

With the iPhone 7, we lost the classic 3.5mm headphone port. Maybe with the iPhone 8, we'll finally lose the charging cable, as well.

Wireless charging has become more and more common with Android phones, but 'til now, Apple has still resisted the call to build the tech into an iPhone. Reports suggest that it will finally come with the iPhone 8, however, although we'll surely still see a Lightning port for anyone who wants to charge up the old-fashioned way.

At least then you won't have to buy a third-party case (like this Mophie one here) to add wireless charging abilities to the iPhone.

Will it actually be called the iPhone 8?

You'll notice that we've used the iPhone 8 name exclusively in this piece, rather than calling it the iPhone 7s. Well, part of that is because a new Business Insider report says an employee at Apple's facility in Israel called it that unprompted, so there may be precedent for it.

More pressingly, if next year's phone really is a reinvention, there's no way that Apple is going to call it an iPhone 7s. Just as Apple skipped the expected redesign this year, we expect that it will skip the expected naming convention for 2017's handset.

In fact, given the 10-year anniversary and potential for a major evolution, it might be time to drop the digit and give the iPhone some refreshed branding. But until we hear anything significant along those lines, we'll stick with calling it the iPhone 8 for now.

All told, next year's iPhone is expected to offer a significant leap over Apple's standard for the last couple years – but right now, it's all rumours, and we're still a full year away from anything actually hitting stores. If you have an older phone in need of an upgrade, another 12 months could be tough to stomach. On the other hand, if your iPhone still has legs, you might want to let it run a while longer and see what Apple really has planned in 2017.