Should you wait for the iPhone 8?

Apple iPhone 8: the end of the Home button?

Think the iPhone design has too much bezel? Well, Apple apparently agrees – and thinks the home button is outmoded, as well. According to reports, next year's iPhone will supposedly have an edge-to-edge display that's all screen on the face, cutting out the top and bottom bezel in the process.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities also believes Apple's next Plus-sized iPhone will feature a 5.8in display, however the bezel-less design would actually end up making it a smaller phone. That's the rumour, at least, and one we wouldn't mind seeing come true.

So what will we do without a home button for the Touch ID sensor? Reports suggest that it will be built right into the display, which actually lines up perfectly with a patent discovered in early 2015. The patent suggested that the screen could register multiple finger scans at once, although we'll see if the real thing actually lives up to that lofty goal.

We've also heard that the next iPhone will have a glass backing, which would bring it back to the iPhone 4 days and match up well with the Samsung Galaxy S7 – which sounds fantastic, really.

Apple iPhone 8 screen: Going OLED

Nine years of iPhones and nine years of LCD screens – albeit consistently improving ones, whether it's in resolution, size, brightness, or color gamut. The iPhone 7 Plus display is the best of them all, even if the 1080p resolution hasn't changed at all, but next year's should handily top it.

That's because Apple has long been rumoured to make the shift to OLED iPhone displays, at least starting with the Plus model if not both. At first, 2018's iPhone seemed to be the target, but a more recent report suggested that Apple had ordered 100 million Samsung-made OLED phone displays for 2017 instead.

With deeper blacks and more efficient tech, OLED screens are the cream of the crop for phones – just look at what Samsung's done with its Galaxy flagships the last couple years (that's the S7 Edge above). We'll just have to see whether Apple is willing to make the leap to Quad HD resolution or if it'll stick with the 1080p resolution for the Plus and the just-better-than-720p resolution of the iPhone 7.