Should you wait for the iPhone 8?

The iPhone 7 is appealing, but next year's device could be sensational

Apple surprised us all this autumn by… honestly, not surprising us all that much. That's because the iPhone 7 ended up not being the every-other-year overhaul we're accustomed to, but rather another revision.

While its improvements over the iPhone 6s make it an excellent phone and the Plus model's dual-camera array is super-impressive, we can't help but wonder why Apple's decided to keep the design first introduced with the iPhone 6 in action for a third year.

The big money's on it being because next year's phone will be the big, bold reinvention we thought we'd see this time around. 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone after all, and reports suggest we could see Apple go all-out to mark the occasion - we're talking OLED screens and potentially ditching the home button altogether after this year's rethought version.

It may seem crazy to be talking about the iPhone 8 so soon after the iPhone 7's launch, but given how much these handsets cost and the fact that many people have to tie themselves into two-year contracts in order to get one, we reckon there are plenty of people out there weighing up an iPhone 7 purchase vs making their 6s or 6 last an extra year. With any luck we can help them make that decision.

And if you're not suffering a 'to buy or not to buy' quandary you can still enjoy our round-up of all of the iPhone 8 news, rumours and musings so far.

iPhone 8 design: time for a fresh face

Looks aren't everything when it comes to a phone, but they're a bit more important when you're spending several hundred quid on a flagship. The iPhone 7's minimal design is still pretty elegant, and the trimmed antenna lines and new black colour options are great.

However, after three identical releases, we're eager for a new-look iPhone. For our money, Apple's best iPhone designs came with the iPhone 4 and 5 models, and we'd love to see something just a hair more striking and distinctive than the current aesthetic.

Luckily, rumours suggest that we'll see just that the next time around.