Short delivers bite-sized reads to help you kill time

Instead of just hoarding bookmarks, you can now start reading the links you save

Ever come across a link and said to yourself, I'll read this later but never do? Your Evernote or Pocket accounts just become huge repositories for you to store URLs. A new iOS app called Short will help you ferret out the shortest of the links so you know that it'll be a quick read. 

How Short works is that it will ferret out the links you saved from your Instapaper, Pocket, Readability and Readingpack accounts. It'll display only pieces that the app considers short - basically 10 minutes or less.

Quick reads

You could choose five minute long articles or 10, depending on the filters you can set. There'll even be a handy progress meter at the top so if you get interrupted, you'll see just how much you have left to go.

In an age where it's too easily distracted by articles on the Web, knowing just how long an article is can be handier than you think. Far better than you getting too engrossed in some long-read on the Internet to find you've lost time you could have used to send important emails or be actually, you know, doing work.

If you need help choosing bite-sized reads, download Short for free from the App Store. In-app purchases will eventually be in the offings apparently as will an Android version.

[Source: TheNextWeb]