Shiny: Apple reveals how it makes the Mac Pro

It's unbashed tech porn, but this video revealing just how Apple's tubular tower is built was one of the surprise hits of its event yesterday - and now you can watch it

Apple's obsessive attention detail extends to its video, luckily, and this one shows every polish, punch and robot arm in glorious HD.

Mmm, shiny

Apple's Mac Pro wowed pundits with its unique design - but ever wondered how it gets made?

Apple has revealed all, and said it actually had to invent several new ways to manufacture PCs in the process.

"We had to pioneer entirely new processes - its pretty amazing to see it all come together," said Jeff Williams of Apple.

Read our hands on with the final product here - and if you think the silver version, before its paint job, looks even better than the black Apple went with, you're not alone, according to one Apple staffer at the event.