The Shift sneaker changes design and colour at your whim

Now you can buy just one pair instead of hundreds

Shift Sneakers might just be the shoe for people who don't like buying too many. Yes, those people exist as well as those who fill their closets to bursting with them.

The Shift is a prototype idea by +rehabstudio, that envisions that could change colours and designs on your whim.

A mobile app would allow you to choose between designs and with a press of a button, change the look of your shoe. All this made possible by a special blend of conductive and reactive textiles. You could even theoretically tap your heels together to initiate a change. Think Dorothy in Wizard of Oz.

Unfortunately the shoes are still not available as yet for purchase, but for updates on when they move from prototype to reality, you can signup at the official website.

[Source: Digitaltrends]