Shhh, you might get to “whisper” on Twitter very soon

The social media thinks it might be time to keep some conversations on the down low
You might soon “whisper” on Twitter

The sole purpose of Twitter is to share gossip on a public domain, and that’s what differentiates it from its other social media comrades.

But now, Twitter might soon shy away from its bold conversations – it may be working on a "Whisper mode" to make its conversations private, according to its CEO, Dick Costolo in an interview with Bloomberg.

Now, Twitter already has functionality that enables private messaging alongside its public tweets, but what this new mode will enable, if and when it’s launched, is something that targets the grey area in between.

This new in-between thing is basically a group chat version of its Direct Messages (DMs) private chat feature. Users will be able to pick who can view a dialogue (yes, a group of people) and continue that conversation separately with them.

Costolo says keep it on the low

You might soon “whisper” on Twitter

“There are public conversations that you would like to grab hold of and take into whisper mode with more than one friend and say, look what these people are talking about. Being able to move fluidly between that public conversation and the private conversation is something we’ll make simpler,” Costolo said.

Is it just us or is that such a mood killer? It’s going to take away all the fun of public gaffes and smackdown remarks that we’ve all grown to love. And it sounds awfully similar to how Facebook lets you selectively reveal updates to a trusted group of friends.

Sounds like another one of Twitter’s copycat movesIt recently rolled out a new profile design that sports a big cover photo, a three-column layout, and a list of recommended people to follow. If this sounds a little too familiar, it doesn’t take a genius to guess that it’s mirroring the features of Facebook.

This feature might be one more to add to the mix if it’s set in stone, though the timeline for its launch hasn't been revealed yet.

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