Shazam integrates with Rdio, other streaming services soon

Now you can listen to entire songs on Shazam but only if you're a paying Rdio subscriber. Spotify users? Your turn soon
Shazam integrates with Rdio, other streaming services soon

Shazam and Rdio are now best buds it seems as no longer are you limited to short snippets of songs but entire tracks on Shazam. That is, if you are a current paying Rdio subscriber. And if you happen to be on iOS as Shazam's latest update that makes this musical partnership happens hasn't happened yet for Android. Rest assured it is 'coming soon'.

What of Windows Phone? No mention about that, we're afraid.

Shazam gunning for more music bucks?

Shazam integrates with Rdio, other streaming services soon

Before this, Shazam was an 'equal opportunity' music discovery app. After identifying the song, you could then preview it on the app and then be directed to purchase the song from one of a few available marketplaces including Amazon. But Shazam is thinking of the users who would like some instant gratification and that is what music streaming is serving up pretty much.

The 7.7 update to the iOS Shazam app isn't just about streaming full songs but also adding more playlist functionality - you can now create playlists of Shazamed songs and add them to your Rdio playlist. Rdio is of course thrilled to be the first streaming service to use Shazam's new in-app song playback, perhaps a way for Rdio to get a leg up in the very crowded music streaming marketplace.

Shazam does promise that other music services will also follow Rdio's lead though we suspect that some negotiations are still going on in that respect. Will Spotify follow quickly? Or will Deezer also get in on the Shazam goodness? Currently Spotify already has a 'listen with Spotify' option in Shazam, albeit previews-only, so it makes sense that Spotify will be the second music streaming service to go the full hog on Shazam.

You can check out the update on App Store and Android users? Just be patient.

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[Source: The Verge]