SHARP unveils ASEAN's first 8K TV - AQUOS 8K

The AQUOS 8K TV promises to change the meaning of your new year resolutions with better TV resolutions

Get ready to see the world more clearly and vibrantly! Sharp has unveiled its first commercially available for ASEAN market - the AQUOS 8K TV - to consumers  in Malaysia. 

The AQUOS 8K TV is part of the AX1 Series line-up that comes with Real 8K Resolution panel (7680 X 4320), which is the highest resolution to be seen in the whole TV category. The high quality Real 8k Resolution panel has 33 million pixels which is 16 times more than the resolution of Full HD and 4 times more than 4K Ultra HD.  

No doubt that during the launch the difference is clear, as the depth of darkness on the AQUOS 8K was more than the 4K next to it. Colours are also more vibrant, and in certain settings images look 3D-like as well. Almost all of the AX1 series uses SHARP's proprietary UV2A panel that was made in Japan, with the exception of the 80" AQUOS 8K which has an IGZO (Indium gallium zinc oxide) panel for rising sense of resolution.


The Sharp AQUOS 8K TV is also powered by Android TV 8.0 which  is the latest version in the market . In terms of audio, the TV is equipped with the Eilex Prism feature which delivers powerful sound  that works together with the uniquely shaped speakers and double subwoofer for a more natural and clear high-quality audio. 

There are three ranges to look out for, each with different retail prices: 

  • 60" - RM25,999
  • 70" - RM36,999
  • 80" - RM73,999 

The AQUOS 8K TV is already available this month for the Malaysian market