Shape your child's future with the Morgan EV3 Junior

School bullies will dissolve at the sight of this handmade electric eclectic

That car does not look like it’s going to ace the EuroNCAPs.

It doesn’t have to – it’s for children! Not that we’re suggesting a cavalier attitude towards the lives of children, but that it’s not for the public highway. It’s an teensy version of Morgan’s big electric three-wheeler, the beautiful EV3.

And is this also electric? Or are there pedals? 

Electric. It does 16km/h in a forward direction, or very slowly backwards. The range of 10 miles might sound alarming, depending on how well trained your child is, but at least if you have it in this shade of yellow you’ll be able to track them pretty easily. Not down with the yellow? Morgan has a 40,000 swatch selection you can choose from, though there will be surcharges.


And to what charge am I potentially adding these surchages?

It takes four hours to charge.

That’s not what I asked. You’re avoiding the question.

OK, look: the EV3 Junior, as befits a Morgan, is handmade from carbon fibre, leather and wood. It’s got working lights! And that’s why, um, it costs £7995 (RM44,325). But look at it! Will you really, in full knowledge that this exists, let them go to school on a micro scooter?