September is smartphone month, thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Apple iPhone 6

Reporters been told to save the dates for Samsung and Apple on 3 and 9 September respectively
September is smartphone month, thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Apple iPh

Next month seems to be a good month for smartphone (or perhaps phablet) launches. On 9 September the iPhone 6 might finally be making its appearance right after Samsung unveils yet another iteration of the Galaxy Note on 3 September.

While we pretty much know what to expect from Samsung, as always it's been a crazy speculation fest over what the iPhone 6 looks like.

Theories have abounded on the iPhone's design - some say it might be Apple's first foray into phablets, others think that Apple might launch not one, but four, iPhones. We're already seeing solid gold and platinum iPhone 6s on pre-order way before the official one has been announced.

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Now is not the time to buy

September a good month for phones with Samsung launching Note 4, Apple showing o

When it comes to the Galaxy Note 4, there has been some minor buzz with rumours saying Samsung plans to super-size the Note 4 in a larger edition. Like we all need phones we can't put to our ears, right?

And knowing Samsung, the Note 4 launch will likely see not just a new phone but a whole slew of accessories and perhaps the VR headset it's apparently working on with the makers of Oculus Rift.

What we won't see: Samsung's own Tizen phones that have been shelved for the umpteenth time to the point we wonder if it's just going to become vapourware as it's constantly being put on the backburner.

What we predict - there'll be wearables, lots of wearables with the Note 4. And the iPhone 6 rumour mills and leaks will be going on overdrive.

Which are you most excited about? The Note 4? The iPhone 6? We'd be more excited about seeing if there is anything left to excite us about the latest iterations to two very popular phone models.

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