Sena's new cases wrap your phones in swanky leather

For those not content with pasar malam cases, Sena offers luxurious options

Sena has a new line of cases for the leather-loving type who think nothing of encasing their iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones in premium Napa leather. Some of our favourites below:


Sena Ultraslim Case

If you don't fancy your phone bulking up your pocket, the Sena UltraSlim case is the thinnest pouch available for both the Samsung Galaxy S4.

You can get it in black, red, brown and white with the S4 version retailing at RM108 while the iPhone Sena Ultraslim is RM88.


Sena Magia Wallet

Fancy something a bit more substantial yet sleek? The Magia Wallet is made from seamless stitched leather and yet still has room for three card slots.

Available for the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy and the Samsung Galaxy Note, it retails for RM179, RM198 and RM218 respectively.

Sena Ultra Thin Snap-On (iPhone 5 only)

Sena also has a few iPhone 5 exclusive cases, including the Ultra Thin Snap-On for the more minimalist sort.

The case is custom-fit to the iPhone 5, covering the essentials without the bulk. It comes in Red/Black, Brown/Silver, Orange/Silver and White/Silver variants and goes for RM99.