Sell your own cutesy stickers on Line

Japanese company is opening their sticker marketplace to wannabe sticker artists
Sell your own cutesy stickers on Line

If you're using messaging apps that aren't WhatsApp, you will notice that cute stickers are everywhere. Even Facebook is in on the game, having added a whole bunch of colourful stickers to annoy your friends with.

Line seems to be doing especially well with stickers as it makes US$10 million a month from selling those cute stickers. Pretty impressive numbers considering that it has a 400 million-strong userbase.

The Japanese company behind Line is now sharing that revenue pie by allowing users to sell their own stickers, and getting to keep half of the proceeds after tax deductions.

Start doodling, now

Starting today, you can send in your stickers to Line for review. You will first need to register at the Line Creators Market Website, using the credentials you use with your Line account. English is the default language for sticker submissions, and you can upload the images one at a time, or just upload them in .zip format.

It's not that simple though. Line insists on vetting the stickers prior to sale, so you will need to wait a while for your ‘works of art’ to appear. It will be on a first-come, first-serve basis so you will just have to wait in line to start rolling in on the sticker gravy train.

Only those in countries that support PayPal can register though, so if you’ve got anything against PayPal or live where it isn’t supported - tough luck.

For now, the stickers can only be sold in four countries, namely Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. So you might not actually see them being sold in your country of origin nor has there been any indication on how you can track your sticker sales.

This is a pretty good move for Line in attracting sticker creators and making use of user-created content as opposed to just licensing art from movies or pop culture.

Keen? Get started by visiting the Line website.

[Source: The Verge]