Seiko Collaborates With Kojima Productions On New Line Of Watches

The perfect timepiece as you wait for Death Stranding.

Hideo Kojima might just be taking his sweet time with his next magnum opus, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t getting any from the creator of Metal Gear. Anything that comes out of Kojima Productions is more than enough to hold out fans before Death Stranding actually comes out.

Seiko produces some of the best wrist watches this side of the world and has collaborated with the likes of Coca-Cola, streetwear brand BAPE, and even the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise. Their subdivision of digital watches, WIRED, will be the ones producing these new Kojima Productions-designed watches. This new collaboration was first reported on Famitsu.

Known as “Ludens”, these new watches will be a limited release, with only 1,500 pieces being available for purchase. It is actually designed by the art director of Kojima Productions, Yoji Shinkawa, and features a stunning black and gold colour scheme as well as the Kojima Productions logo on the back of the watch. The watch also comes with a message card from Yoji Shinkawa himself, which has a special message on it as well as his signature.

Kojima superfans can get their hands on this exclusive watch from WIRED Japan starting from the 8th of June. It retails for about 30,000 yen, or just over MYR 1,135. You can find more specs on the watch from WIRED’s official site.