See what four top Japanese bike modders did with BMW's super-customisable R nine T

BMW's efforts to make its bike accessible to modders pays off with gorgeous results
See what four top Japanese bike modders did with BMW's super-customisable R nine

There's no doubt that BMW's R nineT is a sweet-looking ride. What sets it apart is that the nineT doesn't come in multiple styles or colour variants - no, BMW only has it in black as it fully expects you to make the changes you want yourself.

BMW states on its website that the bike can "be given a completely new character thanks to the wide range of accessories available." The company then proceeded to give four Japanese custom-modders R nineTs to play with and as the YouTube video shows, skill and imagination creates some excellent rides you wish you owned.

Riding into your dreams

Just how customisable is the R nineT? According to BMW, you could just do away with the pillon portion by removing the end section of the rear frame. Perfect for the cruiser who isn't interested in bringing along a passenger for the ride.

For those interested in fitting alternative electrical components, the good news is the wiring harness is designed in such a way that separates vehicle and engine functions so you can make mods without affecting the engine.

You canlso customise the upside-down telefork as well as play around with the three mounting points provided on the rear axle housing. BMW has also created a huge space between the silencer and rear swing; big enough to fit a 6-inch 200mm wheel.

Shiro Nakajima, Hidden Togashi, Go Takamine, and Kaichiro Kurosu all got their chance to create their own dream version of the R nineT and they're gorgeous. From retro throwbacks to sleek, streamlined cool, they've certainly created designs that will inspire other custom bike modders.

Now all you need is to cough up the US$14,900 (RM48,393) for the bike itself.

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