Scoot along on the URB-E

Navigate the trails of the concrete jungle with this trusty electronic sidekick
Scoot along with the URB-E

Why are you wheeling around a portable oxygen tank?

Thanks for your concern, but we’re as fit as an orchestra of fiddles. But you’ve got the portable bit right; the 13kg URB-E is all set to assist you in easy breathing - by helping you not walk at all. 

You’ve got my attention, tell me more

Lazybu - we mean, what a curious cat you are! The compact URB-E unfolds to become a power electric scooter that goes up to a maximum speed of 24kph. Its lithium battery takes only 3 hours to charge and it will chug merrily for a distance of up to 32km before it needs another drink of electricity.

Is that as electrifying as it gets? I’m disappointed

Don’t be, we’re living in the age of cleverness and convenience. The universal smartphone holder it comes with charges your smartphone at the same time, with an external USB plug to charge your larger devices-

That’s it?

Scoot along with the URB-E

We weren't quite done before you jumped in. There’s a nifty power override feature that lets you unlock the URB-E with your mobile device. An app is also being developed to help you monitor your URB-E’s vital stats like battery charge, range, and speed. Just remember to keep your eyes on the road to avoid running someone’s grandma over. 

I’m ready to never walk another step in my life

Unfortunately, the URB-E is just getting started on Indiegogo. It’s available in three variants - the Commuter, GP and Black. The luxury of cruising nonchalantly past everyone on their way to work can be yours for just US$799 (S$1010). Get on it already.


Source: Indiegogo