The scientists have it: To be safe from zombies, get away from cities

Likening studying zombies to modelling actual diseases, scientists got some fun and work done

What do Cornell university researchers do for work and play? Study zombies, apparently as a group of them will be describing their work modeling the statistical mechanics of zombies at a meeting of the American Physical Society. No, this is not a joke. Here's the abstract if you're still not convinced.


Too many people, too many zombies

The whole point of the study was to use techniques traditionally used to model real diseases. It factored in equations to model a US-scale outbreak of zombie-ism across the continental US. It was rather complex, akin to modelling chemical reactions during various physical states a person could be in (human, infected, zombie, dead zombie) with 300 million people.

According to the researchers, zombie outbreaks are usually imagined as happening silmultaneously in all areas at the same time, with small pockets of survivors left after a few months. Their research showed differently - cities would fall very quickly, but less populated areas would take weeks and it would stretch to mounths in northern mountain-time zones.

The logic? "There are fewer humans to bite, so you start creating zombies at a slower rate."

What is the key recommendation? Run to the northern Rockies, of course. Sparse population, which means less zombies. Or so you hope.

The researchers plan to add more complicated elements to their zombie simulation including awareness of the outbreak and people being able to escape the marauding hordes. Good to know.

[Source: CNet]