Say it With Signs and Hearing Aide apps let hearing impaired "listen”

Communicate with the deaf through Android apps that translate audio signals to hand signs and vibration alarms
Say it With Signs and Hearing Aide apps let hearing impaired "listen”

Got an Android smartphone? Good, it's going to help you speak to the hearing-impaired. No more fumbling with awkward hand signs that might mean something else.

In collaboration with the Singapore Association of the Deaf (SADeaf), Grey Group Singapore will launch two free-to-download Android apps, Say it With Signs and Hearing Aide, on 25 April to help everyone communicate with the hearing-impaired.

Say it With Signs listens to a conversation and processes the audio signal into digital hand signs shown on the hearing-impaired's mobile device. It's as though you're having a conversation with the deaf, except you'll receive replies as text messages after they've read the translated hand signs on their phones.

Bridging two worlds

Say it With Signs and Hearing Aide apps let hearing impaired "listen”

Similarly, Hearing Aide lends a listening ear to the deaf, but instead of holding a conversation, it recognises ambient alarm sounds from smoke detectors, fire alarms and other alert systems. Once the app distinguishes the sound, it'll provide a 20-second vibration and visual notifications to warn its hard-of-hearing user.

The pro bono project by Grey aims to bind technology and improve the lives of communities. Its chief creating officer Ali Shabaz said, "With the future of consumer engagement resting on new technologies, these apps enable the hearing impaired to harness digital innovations and reach out to others more effectively."

"The Internet and smartphones have also made it possible for Grey to extend our reach to benefit communities across the world. We are hopeful that these innovations will benefit deaf communities across the globe,” he added.

Say it With Signs and Hearing Aide are currently available only for Android devices, while iOS availability hasn't been announced yet.