Say hello to an even tinier X-mini ME capsule speaker

Dainty yet insanely powerful portable speaker by Singapore company Xmi belts out a mean sonic boom
Say hello to an even tinier X-mini ME capsule speaker

Capsule speaker copycats, take note. Original capsule speaker-maker Xmi just announced its latest portable speaker, the X-mini ME.

Measuring just 44mm in height and weighing 44g, the thumb-sized ME speaker is amazingly small. Xmi's motto is Sound Beyond Size, and the ME really measures up with a 31mm driver that delivers punchy audio, albeit in mono.

Like its predecessor, it comes with a 3.5mm audio port that jacks into smartphones, tablets and media players. The unit comes with a three-way connector - microUSB to charge its internal battery that supports up to six hours of music playback, a 3.5mm audio connector and a USB port to belt tunes from your PC.

An Xmi spokesperson confirmed that the X-mini ME will be available in the second half of December. Costing US$24.99 (local pricing still unavailable), this capsule speaker definitely qualifies as an inexpensive gift for that Christmas party on the horizon.

By the way, hold on tight to those X-mini II and MAX II capsule speakers, which will be discontinued. In its stead, the X-mini UNO and MAX, both of which received a design overhaul and ceramic drivers for improved audio quality, will be taking over the reins.