Samsung's A-series phones for the young and selfie-obsessed

A throwback to the era of cameraphones, these phones are all about wide-angle selfies
Samsung's A-series phones for the young and selfie-obsessed

Selfies - you can't run from them. While self-portraiture is nothing new, the digital age has made the act of taking a photo of yourself something trendy and thus Samsung attempts to ride that trend with its new A-series phones.

The A3 and A5 launched in Kuala Lumpur are, specs-and-pricewise, rather middling. Both phones come with a 1.2GHz quadcore processor though the A5 is the slightly higher-spec model. Both however are optimised for selfies with 5-megapixel frontfacing cameras. So no crappy selfies here.

Selfies but not much else

Samsung's A-series phones for the young and selfie-obsessed

The A5 is probably the flagship for the range, with a 5-inch super AMOLED display to the A3's 4.5-inch screen. Also bigger on the A5 is its megapixel count - 13 to the A3's 8.

Samsung's 'special sauce' for the A models is its selfie modes: wide selfie, rear-cam selfie and image beautification. The A5 also has multi-screen capabilities, which is missing from the A3.

Another key differentiator is battery size: the A5's bigger 2,300 mAh battery will give you more selfie power as compared to the A3's 1,900 mAh.

The range is squarely aimed at the youth market and "designed for consumers to have fun", says Samsung.

For the non-selfie obsessed, it is hard to recommend the Samsung A5 considering both the Lenovo Vibe X2 and the Honor 6 offer high-end specs for much cheaper.

The Samsung Galaxy A5 retails for RM1,199 while the A3 is going for RM899 and available immediately from all Samsung's official distributors and retailers.

However, both phones have already been on sale on online retailer for at least RM100 cheaper than the RRP since 5 January.