Samsung's next earphones could be Bixby-powered

The earbuds could finally compete with Apple's EarPods

Word is that Samsung is scrapping plans for a smart speaker but it might just use Bixby elsewhere: smart earphones, anyone?

Special tech

Rumour is that Samsung skipped the speakers because of the lack of marketability, but it might also be because of the problems Samsung faced trying to get Bixby to markets outside of South Korea. Porting Bixby to languages outside of Korean proved to be a challenge the company did not anticipate. As of press time, Bixby is only now rolling out to the US with no indication when it will be available in other locations.

Samsung's earphones will reportedly work with Bixby as well as have something Apple's EarPods lack: Samsung's own 'Noise Blocking Technology' which would block out background noise, allowing the earphones to hear the user's voice better - important when using voice commands.

The company is currently working on these Bluetooth-enabled earphones, which could be ready by the time the Galaxy Note 8 launches. Whether they will be sold separately or be a package deal with the Note 8 is unknown but it's more likely the former, from the company's track record.

[Source: Digitaltrends]