Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 gets on a diet, is said to be thinner than the iPad 2

More leaks of the purported tablet fill in

It’s only been days since rumours of successors to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S line-up showed up on the Internet. And now, more leaks have surfaced, filling in the gaps of what was unknown.

SamMobile has revealed that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 tablets will model a thinner frame than the iPad Air 2, which measures just 6.1mm. It wasn’t revealed how thin these tabs will be though. Along with this, specs of their sizes were leaked.  

Initially, word was out that the second-generation versions of the 8.4in and 10.5in Galaxy Tab S tablets won’t be a huge revamp from their predecessors, leading us to believe that the units will remain at those measurements.

But now, rumours indicate that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablets will come in 8in and 9.7in options instead. It is somewhat a radical difference, especially for the 10.5in unit to be downsized to 9.7in, but sources claim the change is a result of Samsung’s interest in using 4:3 aspect ratios on the unofficial Tab S2's displays.

If this were the case, it would put the devices alongside Apple’s offerings and Google, for its Nexus 9 tablet (they all make use of 4:3 aspect ratios).

As a result of this aspect ratio difference, it’s said that the Tab S2 range will boast different resolutions as compared to their predecessors. But again, no specifics were identified – although that might change in the coming weeks/months, when more information about the purported devices leaks.

In addition, the new tablets are claimed to have metal frames to add on to their premium feel. Obviously, as you can tell, little is known at this point but we’re hopeful more will be unraveled soon.  

[Source: GSM Arena