Samsung's first Tizen phone the Z1 to come to India in 2015

Samsung seems to be doing a Nokia by going for India's low-cost phone market
Samsung's first Tizen phone the Z1 to come to India in 2015

Nokia loved India - loved shipping off its budget phones there, that is. So it makes sense that now Samsung is aiming its Tizen OS  for the very-much-on-a-budget market - its first Tizen phone will be heading to India by 18 Jan, says GSMArena.

Formerly called the Samsung Z, it's a mystery why the company would want to call its flagship Tizen model the same name as Sony's higher-end smartphone, the Z1. Running out of ideas, Sammy?

Do we really need another entry-level phone?

How much is the Z1? Apparently it will cost about US$90 (RM313). Not bad, but Samsung doesn't have a good track record where budget phones are concerned.

The specs will apparently see a 4in WVGA display, half a gig of RAM, a 3MP camera as well as a 1.2GHz processor. Now is half a gig really enough to power any kind of smartphone? We suppose that for US$90 you can't be expecting much.

More promising is the Samsung Gear watch running Tizen, which is seeing a lot of buzz in developer circles. Tizen unfortunately was given the heave-ho by Samsung's other partners thus leaving the company to develop the OS all by itself.

With Android and iOS cornering the market, Windows Phone a distant third and BlackBerry refusing to die it'll be interesting to see how Samsung plans to build a Tizen following with a cheap underpowered phone.

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[Source: GSMArena]