Samsung's crazy AR keyboard concept brings letters to your fingertips

Who needs keys when you've got fingers?
Samsung's crazy AR keyboard concept brings a keyboard to your fingertips

Like Apple, Samsung has a rich history of patents. Some are clever, some are crazy and some, like it's latest AR keyboard concept, are a little bit of both.

With a pair of smart specs like Google Glass or Samsung's rumoured Galaxy Glass strapped to your face, you'll be able to see virtual numbers mapped over different sections of your fingers.

You can then type using both of your thumbs, while a camera registers your inputs by tracking your thumbs dance across the virtual keys.

Samsung's crazy AR keyboard concept brings a keyboard to your fingertips

While it looks like it'll have a steep learning curve, we can imagine that whacking out a quick email or text could be easier than whipping your phone out of our pocket. Once you're used to it anyway.

That won't stop you looking like a madman staring at your hands while wiggling your fingers of course, but we're sure police officers will understand when you explain to them what exactly you're doing.

Due to the flexibility of the AR keys, you can also change the layout of the keyboard as well as the keys themselves, depending on which app you're currently using.

As with all patents, its hard to say whether or not this will ever see the light of day, but the tech is definitely around to make it a reality. Bring it on, we say.

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[via SlashGear]