Samsung's C-Lab projects this year include a speaker, smart glasses

The new innovations will be showcased during CES

Samsung's Creative Lab (C-Lab) has been a pretty cool incubator for in-house projects. This year, it's back with three more projects that will debut at the upcoming CES.

Nifty projects

The Sound-Ray (S-Ray) is a minuscule directional speaker that fine-tunes your listening experience, letting you listen to your music without blasting it to everyone around you.

There’s also the Relumino – ‘smart glasses’ that help improve imagery for the visually challenged. This works in tandem with a smartphone, sending sharpened images to the lenses.

The third item is called GoBreath and is targeted at people with lung damage. It also works with an app to teach users various breathing methods, track their progress and relay information to a doctor.

Besides these three C-Lab projects, seven startups that are C-Lab spinoffs will also be showcasing their wares at CES, such as Linkflow that created a wearable 360-degree camera for security personnel. And they may just steal the limelight from Samsung's phones.