Samsung WW9000 is a touchscreen-equipped, smartphone-powered washing machine

Tech up your weekly wash with this smart tub. White goods never looked so good...
Samsung WW9000

Are white goods the future of tech, then? This one is. The Samsung WW9000 is a front-loading washing machine with a difference: you can control it from afar with your smartphone or tablet.

Why would I want a remote controlled washing machine? Well, for one thing, you can start a wash or pause it from wherever you are – handy if it's getting too noisy for you to watch TV, or if you forgot to set it running before you left the house in the morning. Now you can set it so that it finishes its cycle just as you get home from work.

That's nice, but how do I control it when I don't have my phone handy? The WW9000 is kitted out with a touchscreen; no fiddly dials here. And it remembers which cycle you use most regularly, so you don't have to faff about remembering whether it's setting three or four that you need for your dirty keks.

Samsung WW9000
Samsung WW9000

Which setting is it, again? You don't need to remember that anymore – the WW9000 keeps things simple, with programmes targeted to particular types of stain. Gardening takes care of soil and dirt, Cooking & Dining washes out grease and caked-in ketchup stains, while Active Sports will leave your footy kit sparkling. It even works out how much detergent and softener you need – you pre-load it with a full bottle of each, and it'll dole out the appropriate amount for your wash.

What other wonders is it capable of? The WW9000 is quiet, and quick too – it has a 3D vibration sensor that helps it reduce noise even during fast spin cycles. And it can wash a 5kg load in an hour, or a 2kg load in just 15 minutes. And it's eco-friendly – Samsung claims that its ecobubble technology means that a cold wash will clean your togs just as effectively as a warm wash.

I'm getting excited about a washing machine, what's wrong with me? It's a natural part of the ageing process. Next it'll be sensible shoes and Werther's Originals.

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