Samsung working on creating its own AI chip

The AI enhancements would be included in future Exynos chipsets

Seems Samsung is further enhancing its AI capabilities by working on its own AI chip.

AI everywhere

The significance of the chip is that Samsung wants to rely less on cloud services for its AI - with the chip, it can then do more on-board processing. This is also what Huawei sought to achieve with its own AI chip.

As to when this is happening, the Korea Herald (first to report on it) said that Samsung was seeking to commercialise the chips in the next few years, having already started R&D.

Apparently, the Korea Herald's source said that the changes would happen within the next three years or so - improving the AI features by at least 50 per cent of what Samsung's AI is capable of today.

The question is though, by the time Samsung's done, will its biggest competitors (Apple and Huawei) have leapfrogged them by then? 

Bixby still has a long way to go catching up with Apple's Siri and Google's own Assistant but a lot can happen in the next year but Huawei will also prove to be a big AI challenger, especially as it already has its own chip. At this rate 2018 might just shape up to be a battlefield for smartphone AI. Watch this space.

[Source: Android Authority]