Samsung working on bigger, faster-charging batteries

Better batteries are coming, but it's just a matter of when

Samsung has apparently been working on a way to make batteries that can hold more juice and charge up faster.

No waiting too long

The tech works via the use of graphene in a special coating called a graphene ball. It’s a material already used inside most lithium batteries, but this graphene ball tech will allow for greater battery capacity.

How much more are we talking about? Up to 45 per cent. Charging speed will also be increased five times - useful if you have a big battery to charge in the first place.

Also interesting is that the new batteries will manage a charge retention of 78 per cent after 500 charge cycles. That means even with the better capacity and faster charging speeds, your battery won’t degrade too much.

It's exciting times for smartphone owners - though the question is if the tech will go beyond just Samsung smartphones. 

[Source: Androidcentral]