Samsung welcomes cardboard Origami printer to the fold

When we said Samsung's kit could do with being a little less plasticky, this isn't quite what we had in mind
Samsung Origami printer

We've already got 3D printers that can make other 3D printers – now 2D printers are getting in on the act.

Samsung's created Origami, a flat-packed concept printer made out of cardboard – as the name suggests, you assemble it by folding a flat piece of pre-cut cardboard into a printer case.

Unsurprisingly, Samsung hasn't mastered the art of making the printer's components out of cardboard – the ink would make them soggy – so the internals are made from conventional plastic and metal.

Boxing clever

Samsung's Origami may not be quite as durable as a plastic printer, but then again, when the cardboard falls to bits, you can just recycle the old case and buy a new one – or, if you have a printer that can handle heavy-duty cardboard, print off a new one yourself. Plus you can doodle on it – what's not to like?

The Origami printer isn't the first cardboard gadget we've seen – enterprising individuals have made everything from vacuum cleaners to bicycles out of the material. Now, who's going to be the first to create a cardboard mobile phone?

[Source: Designboom]