Is Samsung taking on Oculus Rift with its own VR headset?

Company tight-lipped on what could be its own entrant into the virtual reality space, taking on rival Sony
Samsung taking on Oculus Rift with its own VR headset

While wearable tech seems to be all the rage at the moment, Samsung isn't content with just a watch. The company is instead set, according to rumours, for a battle for VR dominance with Sony and the makers of Oculus Rift.

A Samsung VR headset is certainly a surprise but perhaps a welcome one as Samsung intends to lower the price point (though not by too much) and competition is always a good thing.

What exactly does Samsung see in this space that it could dominate? Or perhaps this is a good tie-in with its smartphone and tablet range?

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The future of VR is mobile?

Though Samsung does make PCs, it hasn't exactly gone big in the gaming space there. So the upcoming headset will more likely be a mobile-focused device, much like its smartwatches. With Samsung already so dominant in the smartphone space, it makes sense (and cents) to go for tech that will strengthen that control.

Is it going to be competition for Google's Glass? Highly unlikely as VR something far more niche and will be catering for media consumption: think gaming, 3D movies.

What will Samsung's VR headset be like? Apparently it has an OLED screen and could require a wired setup to prevent lag. Virtual immersion would be hard to keep up if movements don't correspond to what wearers see so there's a good bet Bluetooth or other wireless tech won't be playing a role.

Samsung is also apparently planning to undercut both Oculus and Sony, though the price point still won't be all that cheap due to the newness and complexity of the tech. Think sensors that are motion-sensitive and the amount of data that will need to be tracked and processed.

Could a VR headset be the next thing to take mobile gaming to the next frontier? If that happens, it would be very likely that Apple would follow suit considering the strength of its gaming offerings on the iOS platform. Seeing as how many gaming accessories already exist for the iPad, what's one more to the mix?

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[Source: Engadget]

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