Samsung Galaxy S10 Value Rapidly Depreciates While iPhone XR Fared Much Better

Samsung’s flagship has depreciated by a staggering 50% in just 30 days

This may come as terrible news for those planning to sell or trade-in their Samsung Galaxy S10 phones, but excellent news for those who are looking for a used unit!


According to BankMyCell, an online used phone dealer, trade-in values of Samsung’s current flagship series are now half its original price. The website stated that the Galaxy S10e lost an average of 50.2% across all storage options in 30 days, the S10+ lost 47% and the S10 lost 42.7% in value, which makes the phone "one of the fastest depreciating handsets since 2017."

The S10e 128GB model suffered a major hit where its value fell from $750 (~MYR 3,120) new to just $350 (~MYR 1,450) in trade-in value after 30 days. The Galaxy S10+ 1TB phone went from being worth $1,600 (~MYR 6,662) to only $750 (~MYR 3,120) at trade in. The report also predicts that the S10 will lose 65% of its value by March 2020.

On the other hand, Apple’s iPhone XR and XS fared much better by only losing 42% of value since its initial release. "On a depreciation percentage basis, the Galaxy S10 range lost more in the first month [than] the iPhone XS/XR range has in 9 months," stated BankMyCell. Ouch.