Samsung (probably) just confirmed the existence of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Edge

Support pages for two new Samsung phones have appeared online. We wonder which ones they could be...

With just a few weeks to go until Samsung's big launch event at Mobile World Congress, support pages for two new smartphone models have leaked online.

The two models in question are the SM-G920X and SM-G925F, and while the pages don't offer any prices or specs, they confirm there will be two versions of Samsung's latest flagship - likely ot be the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Edge.

The leak was first spotted by, and for a while, the pages were live on the Swedish and Finnish versions of Samsung's site. But it now seems Samsung has noticed the error and taken the page down.

This has, of course, only fuelled speculation that both versions of the S6 are real.

It was always highly likely the Galaxy S6 was going to make an appearance in Barcelona, but the Galaxy Edge was less certain. While Samsung's event invite has teased a curved image, it's still unclear exactly what the phone will look like. 

Some are speculating it will be similar to the Galaxy Note Edge, with a display that curves off, but instead of on just one side, it could curve off at both edges. 

We don't have long to wait until MWC to find out exactly what Samsung will unveil. Stuff will be live at the show to bring you all the latest news as and when it happens, so stay tuned.

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[Source: Pocket-LintForbes]