Samsung Pay To Come With Boost e-Wallet Support Soon

A first for local e-wallets

The Samsung Galaxy S20 was just recently launched and made available at retailers today in Malaysia, and those who got the devices may discover an interesting notice from Samsung Pay. Based on a screenshot from an S20 owner, you can use Boost e-wallet via Samsung Pay very soon.

For those unaware, Samsung Pay is a contactless payment system which utilises your smartphone to make payments, replacing your credit or debit card. As it uses the device, payments are also more secure with the added biometric security that's required for every transaction made.

It's unclear how exactly this integration will work yet; whether by tapping your device the boost app will appear, or will the QR code for Boost appear instead. More information on this should be revealed in due time, as an official statement from Boost and Samsung Pay should come out soon.

While this is the first local e-wallet to work with Samsung Pay, Boost has an existing partnership with another payment vendor with UnionPay that allows you to make payments at UnionPay QR merchants, which makes it possible for Boost to issue a virtual UnionPay prepaid card that can be added into Samsung Pay. Other e-wallets that do the same include GoPayz where you can even get a physical card too which can then link with Samsung Pay.