The Samsung NX Mini might be the ultimate selfie camera

With this level of specs and equipment, it certainly looks like it
Is the Samsung NX Mini the ultimate selfie camera?

For all you narcissists out there, the new Samsung NX Mini mirrorless camera from Samsung might just be the only camera you’ll ever need.

Most people would be more than happy with a simple camera and some selfie-based editing features. Not Samsung though. If the pro-amateurs are going to get their own mirrorless cameras, why not the selfie-takers? Enter the Samsung NX Mini. This tiny, mirrorless cam not only makes taking selfies an art form, it looks good doing it.

Actually, the tiny NX Mini can do more than just take selfies, but the combination of its size and the 180-degree flip-up display makes it perfect for the self-obsessed shooter. And when we say it’s tiny, we’re not kidding. Thanks to the camera's 1-in sensor, Samsung managed to cram quite a bit of features into a body that’s only 0.88in thin.

The specs alone will tell you why the camera equates to selfie overkill. There’s a 20-megapixel sensor which is pretty impressive on its own already, but when you pair that with the 9mm f/3.5 or 9-27mm kits lenses available, you know that Samsung means business. There’s even a third lens option in the works, a 17mm f/1.8 lens that should be out pretty soon.

It'll fit a normal NX lens, but that's not really the point

Is the Samsung NX Mini the ultimate selfie camera?

The existing, larger NX lenses will definitely be compatible with the NX Mini if you have the adapter, but those larger lenses are just going to kill the sleek aesthetic look the NX Mini has.

Besides, this camera really isn’t for the typical photo enthusiast. It’s for the general consumer who wants to snap themselves and only mabye a bit of serious photography. Why else would Samsung shrink the NX Mini to what it is and give it a variety of colours and accessories? It may not be a 'serious' camera in the traditional sense, but it’ll offer a lot more than what your smartphone or simple point-and-shoot will, and sometimes that’s just what some people are looking for.

The Samsung NX Mini is going for US$449 (RM1485) with the 9mm kit lens, or US$549 (RM1816) with the larger 9mm-27mm lens.

Source: The Verge