Samsung might debut another smartwatch at Google I/O conference

Rumours, again, hint at a Android Wear powered Samsung smartwatch in the works
Samsung may debut another smartwatch at Google I/O conference

The rumours are endless when it comes to Samsung, especially in its attempt at taking over the mobile wearables world one smartwatch at a time.

Once again, tittle-tattle has filled the tech space, indicating that the South Korean multi-national conglomerate intends to showcase its Android Wear powered smartwatch at Google’s upcoming I/O conference in the coming days.

This comes off the back of another leak released just last week, which showed that Samsung’s filed a few documents with the FCC, outlining details for a “smart wearable wristwatch” named Samsung SM-R382.

If one puts two and two together, and if both the sources are referring to the same device, the possibility of it happening is very high.

This report was published by CNet, in which its sources claimed Samsung’s working on two smartwatches – one that’s an Android Wear smartwatch using Samsung's own chips, while the other is built from processors from Qualcomm.

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It's all goss and no confirmation

Samsung may debut another smartwatch at Google I/O conference

But, the sources didn’t mention if either one, or both of the wearables would launch at the event.  

Samsung refused to comment on what’s brewing in its factories, but going by what a Samsung executive mentioned recently, this Android wear-based smartwatch will see daylight before the end of this year.  

All it did was issue a statement to CNet that it's "committed to relentless innovation and new products are always in development."

If Samsung does reveal at least one smartwatch at the Google I/O conference, it could mean it’s committing to Google’s push into the wearables space. It could also be getting a huge boost from LG and Motorola if they launch Android Wear powered smartwatches then too.  

We’re definitely keeping our eyes peeled for a smartwatch galore this week.

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[Source: CNet