Samsung Malaysia hints at upcoming Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice edition

With Russia's pricing being RUB79990 (RM5061) it likely won't come cheap in Malaysia

Samsung Malaysia teased the official availability of the Batman-themed edition of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on its Facebook and Twitter. 

A short video has been circulated by Samsung's official account on Facebook and Twitter making it very much certain that Malaysians will be able to purchase the slick phone. 

Pictures and pricing have appeared over in Russia, with the official pricing being announced as being RUB79990 (RM5061). By the time it arrives here, though, expect duties and taxes to push the pricing to perhaps upward of RM6k or more.

The Iron Man limited edition of the Samsung S6 Edge was previously only available in China and South Korea, and DirectD brought it in for the scary price of RM10999. If Samsung is bringing it in via official channels, expect the phone to be sold for a more reasonable though still expensive price, considering the Iron Man edition was sold for around RM4000 in Malaysian ringgit in Korea.

We'll update you with the official pricing once it's in.

[Source: Samsung, IBT]