Samsung kills ChatOn, nobody will miss it

Despite claiming 100 million users are on the service, Samsung to discontinue the app by February
Samsung kills ChatOn, nobody will miss it

While its flagship Android devices usually get praise, Samsung's obsession with installing bloatware like the ChatOn app means you're stuck with crap apps you can't uninstall. The good news is that Samsung is no longer fooling itself about people using ChatOn and is killing off the app by Feb 1, 2015.

Though Samsung did confirm with Engadget that the app will be killed off, there is one exception: the US region. This is a funny turn of events considering that Samsung is killing ChatOn in its home country where presumably more people should be using it - evidently that's a wrong assumption.

Death to bloatware

Samsung kills ChatOn, nobody will miss it

Samsung's preinstalled apps cannot be removed from its phones, the exception being in Korea. A recent survey showed that most Samsung S3 and S4 users spent barely any time on the preinstalled apps, prefering to use Google-related apps instead.

With such fierce competition in the mid-to-high end smartphone space, Samsung should really consider toning down all the customisation it does to its Android UI phones.

Despite Samsung's dreams of pushing its own mobile OS out, Android is still going to be in demand for a long while. When buyers can get stock Android  from the likes of Motorola or at least put up with far better Android mods from the likes of OnePlus and Oppo, Samsung is shooting itself in the foot with bloated software no one wants or uses.

Could this hail a time where Samsung finally makes its software live up to the promise of its hardware? We'll just have to wait and see.

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