Samsung gets flexible with the world's first 85in bendy TV

Sammy's flexible friend can change from flat to curvy in seconds [updated with video]
Samsung's bendable 85in TV

CES 2014 is well underway, and with metronome predictability, the big electronics manufacturers are racing to present "world firsts" at the show.

Samsung is first out of the gate, conjuring up a 85in TV that can change from a flatscreen to a curved screen at the drop of a hat. 

Visions of a very burly man holding an extremely large TV in his hands and flexing the screen for our amusement proved to be unfounded; the screen in question has a small motor fitted at the back which pushed the edges of the screen in and out for the amusement of the assembled throng of journalists. 

Samsung won't say if its flexible TV is destined for production, but it certainly made for a good talking point.

Curved LED screens

Samsung's bendable 85in TV
Samsung's bendable 85in TV

Leaving aside the question of whether you'd want a flexible TV – and whether it'll actually make it into production – Samsung brought along some more concrete products to the show.

The forthcoming UE9000 series of curved LED (not OLED) Ultra HD 4K screens were unveiled with great ceremony, showing off a flagship 105in model alongside 'smaller' 78in, 65in and 55in versions.

They'll all get a UHD Evolution Kit so they can easily be upgraded if the 4K spec changes, come fitted with a Quad Core Plus processor and, in the US at least, will include a UHD Video Pack with pre-loaded 4K film content from 20th Century Fox and Paramount.

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