Samsung Galaxy TabPro S2: Everything we know so far

Last year's impressive Windows 10 hybrid looks set to get a few new tricks

Thought the Galaxy brand was just for Android devices? Not so fast, Samsung proclaimed last year, as it delivered a sleek Windows hybrid option in the Galaxy TabPro S.

With an ultra-thin build, dazzling display, full laptop-sized keyboard attachment, and strong battery life, the Galaxy TabPro S impressed in a lot of ways. On the other hand, it was rather expensive, lacking ports for accessories, and a bit underpowered when put up against comparable – or even cheaper – laptops.

What's Samsung to do? Why, fix all of its problems with the sequel, we presume/hope. First details of the Galaxy TabPro S2 have recently leaked thanks to the FCC, and now we have a look at how Samsung's next Windows 10 tablet might steal some of the shine away from the Surface Pro.

What we know

>>> It's getting more power

One of our biggest complaints about the original (shown above) was the use of underpowered Intel Core M chips, but the Galaxy TabPro S2 seems to have a bit more muscle: the FCC leak mentioned a Core i5-7200U 7th Gen "Kaby Lake" processor. Expect more power for games and intense tasks, although it looks like Samsung is sticking with 4GB RAM.

>>> And a microSD card slot

Rejoice! While the original model was sadly lacking in ports and inputs, the specs for the Galaxy TabPro S2 list a microSD card slot for expandable storage. While the listed 128GB of internal storage might be plenty for some, power users will surely want to take advantage of the microSD option.

>>> And another USB-C port!

Phew. Samsung is sticking with USB-C for the Galaxy TabPro S2, but instead of one port, now you'll get two. That will make it easier to plug in accessories, or use both a mouse and power adapter at the same time.

>>> Quad AMOLED bliss

The original device impressed with its 12in Super AMOLED, Quad HD (2160 x 1440) display, and it looks like nothing's changing for the Galaxy TabPro S2: the same specs are listed. That's quite fine with us: OLED screens are extremely rare for laptops and similar hybrids, and we said the current model looked "amazing in all conditions."

>>> Better camera expected

While the first model opted for so-so 5-megapixel cameras on both sides of the tablet, the specs show a nice bump for the Galaxy TabPro S2: a 13-megapixel back camera with 4K video recording capabilities. The front-facing selfie cam is sticking with 5MP, though.

>>> But the battery is smaller

Battery life was one of the strongest suits of the last Galaxy TabPro S, as its 5,200mAh battery pack could outlast the Surface Pro 4 by a good couple of hours. But the Galaxy TabPro S2 specs list a 5,070mAh pack instead, shaving a tiny bit of capacity off the top. We may not ultimately notice the difference, but we probably won't see more uptime.

>>> We'll see it at MWC

Samsung was rumoured to have a new Windows-based tablet at Mobile World Congress (MWC) at the end of February, and with the leak of the Galaxy TabPro S2 specs, this seems like the most likely candidate. Expect official details, pricing, and date info in a couple weeks.

All the latest news

>>> 7 February 2017

The Leaker has discovered FCC filings that blow the lid open on the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S2, which looks to feature a much faster processor, a microSD card slot and additional USB-C port, and a higher-resolution rear camera. Meanwhile, the overall design and display ought to be about the same for the second edition.