Samsung's Galaxy S8 might offer an S Pen

UPDATE: Basically the Galaxy S8 is the next Note alternative for people who can't live without the S Pen

For people who are impatient for a new Samsung Galaxy Note, the Galaxy S8 might offer an alternative.

According to BGR, rumours have been circulating that the next Samsung flagship will come with an optional accessory: an S Pen. Basically we'll be getting a Note without needing to wait until the later part of the year when the Note 8 comes out.

It's a nice stopgap measure and could buy time for Samsung to get its Note 8 right, and keep customers around in case they decide instead to go for the competition.

The S Pen has been the Note range's biggest selling point but as the S Pen will be an option, there likely won't be a special slot to insert the S Pen on the Galaxy S8. Whether Samsung fans will be willing to fork out the money for an additional S Pen is another thing altogether, but we'll probably find out once the Galaxy S8 comes out next year.

UPDATE 28/12/2016: According to Sammobile, Samsung's new AI, Bixby, will be used across almost all of Samsung's native apps in the upcoming Galaxy S8.

It's going to be far more useful than Samsung's current assistant app S Voice, working system-wide. Bixby will probably replace S Voice as well. All indications point to Bixby being Samsung's answer to Siri and Google Assistant. It will be able to suggest answers as well as actions based on context.

Viv, the software behind Bixby, which Samsung acquired recently is said to be a step up from current assistants with its use of natural language technology.

Other features likely to show up on the Galaxy S8 is an always-visible status bar and possibly a 2K Super AMOLED display, the return of USB Type-C as well as a front camera with autofocus.