Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus get feature-rich update

A new 'full screen' option will let you run any app in all its full screen glory

It's update time for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus owners: software tweaks to help you make the most out of that nice, big screen.

Safer, brighter

While a monthly security update has now become a regular thing for Samsung, this new one is particularly hefty, with 96 vulnerabilities/exposures targetted.

The update will come with tweaks to fix SD card issues that have been cropping up, while a new navigation bar setting tweak removes the ability to choose a black navigation bar. Instead you have seven light coloured options. We're not sure what this will achieve but if black's your preferred colour, then using a black theme for your display is one suggested workaround.

A new 'full screen' option will now let you just hide the nav bar, effectively using whatever app that you're on in full screen. Useful for people who don't want the nav bar cluttering the screen and it also means any app can now take better advantage of the larger screen space with the new Galaxy S8 models.

If you haven't got the new update yet, it will just be a matter of time as Samsung will likely push the updates out to Europe and India first. In the meantime, you can check by going to About, then to Software Updates > Check for Updates.

[Source: Androidcentral]