Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is one for butter fingers

It also looks remarkably like an LG G6

A curved screen was never best in class when it came to durability. What’s more, the entire Galaxy S8 was made of fragile glass. For their annual Active model – the ruggedized version of the current flagship – Samsung decided to do away with it completely, according to a new leak by the Wireless Power Consortium.

Thankfully, it does seem like we’re still going to enjoy a lot of screen despite the removal of the Infinity Display – these are still minimal bezels by today’s standards. In fact, compared to the previous S7 Active, it retains much of the original S8’s elegant style. It may still have the added padding on its four corners, but these far more subtle and seamless than its predecessor. We can also be grateful that they haven’t attempted to make physical navigation buttons that would really tarnish its decent looks.

Other things we do know are the similar layout of its buttons, with the power button on the right, the volume rocker and Bixby button on the left. It also seems to bear the same sensors on the front, which means we’ll have the Iris scanner and facial recognition as usual. Being featured on the Wireless Power Consortium also pretty much confirms that there will be wireless charging. If consistent with the S7 Active, the S8 Active will share the same specs as its flagship cousin, but have a boost in battery capacity to hopefully 4000mAh as well. Fingers crossed.

Perhaps the biggest question on our mind is, what’s the back going to look like? The S7 Active was made uncool by that awful camo on the back that really limited its appeal. Hopefully Samsung will learn from that mistake – ruggedized does not mean camo, or military – and keep in line with the beautiful and simple aesthetic of the Galaxy S8.

The biggest bummer is, you’re probably not going to see this widely distributed in the area and only in the US. But if you have butter fingers, that shouldn’t stop you from heading online to buy a flagship device that will certainly last.     

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