Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom's 20MP camera is snapped in the wild

Sammy's latest camera phone gets its photo taken
Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom

As night follows day, so the launch of a new Samsung Galaxy phone is followed by a series of variant models.

We've already seen details of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini, and now the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom has been snapped in the wild by SimpleSite.

The follow-up to the Galaxy S4 Zoom, the phone – which may be called the "Galaxy K Zoom" – is designed for shutterbugs, pairing mid-range phone hardware with a whopping great camera featuring optical zoom.

The camera – surely the most important part of the Zoom – has been upgraded on the new model, with leaked specs pointing to a 20MP CMOS sensor and 10x optical zoom. Other specs are less impressive, but consistent with what's been revealed about the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini – a 720p display, 1.3GHz processor, 2GB RAM and Android 4.4.2 KitKat, skinned with Samsung's TouchWiz.

The Galaxy S4 Zoom featured an array of camera options, including the Zoom Ring interface, letting you access different camera modes by twisting the zoom ring. Expect the Galaxy S5 Zoom to pack a similar list of camera features, though no specifics have been revealed as yet.

Also of note is the fact that the Galaxy S5 Zoom looks to be considerably thinner than its predecessor – good news, as the S4 Zoom was rather on the chunky side. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is due to arrive on UK shores on 11th April – and variant models are sure to launch soon afterwards. We'll keep you posted with the latest news – stay tuned!

[Source: SimpleSite via BGR]

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