Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime with 2K screen is on its way

Samsung could be releasing an ultra sharp screen this year after all
Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime with 2K screen is on its way

While the LG G3 and Oppo Find 7 look set to land with super sharp 2K display's, the Galaxy S5 is already gracing people's pockets with its 1080p screen. But it could soon have a 2K successor.

Rumours of a 2K Galaxy S5 Prime have circulated for more than a year, and the latest news suggests that it'll be out this year, conveniently pitting itself against the highly anticipated LG G3.

According to Sam Mobile, the internal name for the S5 Prime is KQ, and yes, it has a 2560 x 1440 2K display.

The site reports that the Galaxy S5 was always meant to have a 2K display, but it was abandoned due to production issues which are currently being ironed out.

Currently the KQ is reportedly in its middle-to-late phase of development, and we expect Samsung to aim for a 2014 launch, lest the 2K G3 steals away the Samsung Galaxy S5's thunder.

The model number for the KQ is believed to be SM-G900, and a handset with that exact model number has recently cropped up on Zauba (an Indian shipping database), and it's reportedly one of four devices which were shipped over for R&D purposes.

Specs for the Galaxy S5 Prime include a 2K screen, Qualcomm's most powerful Snapdragon 806 quad-core processor, 3GB of RAM, and a 16MP camera.

It's not yet clear how close we are to an official announcement and release date, but if your heart was set on a Galaxy S5 then you might find yourself in a bit of a buyer's dilemma…

We'll keep you posted with more news as and when we get it.

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