Samsung Galaxy S5 to come with US$575 of app freebies

Samsung reveals its Galaxy Gifts programme, with free premium services for S5 users
Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung is feeling generous in the wake of its Galaxy S5 launch.

Snap up a Galaxy S5 and you'll be treated to a suite of app extras and premium app subscriptions under the Samsung Galaxy Gifts promo.

Among its many offers, Galaxy Gifts nets you a year's worth of Runkeeper for free, 6 months of access to the Wall Street Journal, a 12 month subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek+, 3 months of Evernote Premium and US$10 (RM33) worth of in-game purchases for Cut The Rope.

In total, the offers come to US$576 (RM1891) – a substantial chunk of change, which could sway more than a few potential buyers towards picking up a Samsung Galaxy S5. Whether all the deals will reach buyers in Singapore has yet to be revealed, though – check out the full list of rewards here.

[Source: Samsung via Android Central]