Samsung Galaxy S And Note Series May Not Have A Sequel In The Future

In fact, they may actually just merge

There's no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S and Note series is one of the most recognised and popular lineup from Samsung. With the recent Galaxy S10 and Note10 launched successfully, you would think this would secure the series for years to come. But it looks like Samsung is changing things up, which may mean there won't be a Galaxy S11 or Note11 in the future.

Evan Blass (aka @evleaks), a well known leakster, broke the news explaining that a “solid source” understands Samsung is seriously considering scrapping both Galaxy S and Note brands and merging them into a new hybrid device. 

“Apparently what's under discussion is more than just a branding realignment,” Blass explains. “Since S and Note features overlap so closely, one possibility is to simply fuse them into a single first-half handset, essentially an S-series with an S-Pen.” The resulting handset would be called the ‘Galaxy One’, with Samsung launching it in the first half of the year and using the second half to launch annual flexible successors to the Galaxy Fold. 

While it's true that the technology between the S and Note series has its similarities, the demographics for each of the series vary wideley, so trying to combine them both feels odd and doesn't look like the right move at a marketing level. But Blass does warn that discussions are “very fluid and tentative at this stage” so it's possible that things may not pan out as rumoured. Even so, the quality of Blass' source means this information is worth bringing to public knowledge.