Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Leak Confirm 3.5mm Jack And microSD Woes, S-Pen Revealed [UPDATE]

Well, we guess Samsung really wants you to get those Galaxy Buds

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it may not be a surprise if more and more leaks of the highly anticipated and upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 starts flooding the Internet. Uncovered by Twitter user Sudhanshu just recently are a series of casing and phone renders of the Note10 and Note10+.

The alleged renders showcases the Note 10 series in their full glory at every angle, and if these are to be true, it may have confirmed Samsung ditching the beloved 3.5mm headphone jack after all. The bottom profiles of both phones show a USB Type-C slot, S-pen slot, speakers, microphone pin-sized holes, and no trace of the 3.5mm jack whatsoever. Let’s take a moment of silence for this loss.

Done? Good. Other features from the renders that are worth pointing out is that both phones have a centralised upper punchole front camera, lock and volume rocker buttons on the left side, and no visible SIM/microSD slot whatsoever. Which is actually strange since earlier rumours have suggested that microSD support may be exclusive to the Note10+ model. Then again, keep in mind that these are leaks rather than a 100% reliable source so remember to have that grain of salt ready.

Aside from those mentioned earlier, we see the exact same vertical triple camera setup on both phones with the exception that the Note10+ has two sensors under the flash module, while the Note 10 does not. Recent rumours did suggest that the Note 10+ would include a TOF (Time of Flight) camera sensor, which could be one of the ones seen in the render.

Now that we pretty much know how the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series might look like, hopefully we’ll get more details of what’s under their hood. Else, we’ll just wait until the official launch to arrive on 7 August 2019.

UPDATE - 7.11.2019

This time around, German tech website WinFuture reportedly to have obtained supposedly official images of the Note 10 and 10+. The designs of both variants matches the renders of the phone included with the phone casings that we’ve covered earlier in this article. This recent leak also showcases colour variations offered for both models: black colour scheme with a black S-pen, and a premium-looking gradient colour scheme with a blue S-pen.


Yet again, the leaks only revealed the Note 10 series’ designs but no word on any hardware specifications. Judging from most of the leaks that’s floating about, the absence of a physical fingerprint sensor indicates that the new flagship will have a under-display fingerprint scanner which could be an update to the one found on the S10 series. It’s also safe to assume that we may be expecting an updated Bluetooth S-Pen based on the version found on last year’s Note 9. And a gentle reminder to phone enthusiasts everywhere, the Samsung Note 10 Series will launch next month on August 7th.