Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could have a flexible three-sided wraparound display

The Note 4 could break the phablet mould by landing with a crazy curved display
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could have a flexible three-sided wraparound display

More details about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are beginning to trickle out, and the latest whispers suggest that this could be the craziest phablet the tech world has seen to date.

According to ZDNet Korea, the Note 4 could feature a flexible 'Youm' display which could wrap around both edges of the phone itself, providing two additional sides to the main screen.

Samsung has previously shown off a prototype device which demonstrates how this wraparound effect works, and it's already demonstrated its flexible display tech in the Samsung Galaxy Round.

Unlike the Round which has a traditional single display, the Note 4's sides could provide supplemental information at all times, even when a main app is running on the main portion of the screen.

Scrolling ticker tape-style information including weather and notifications could keep you updated with useful info without disturbing movies and games.

It's certainly not the craziest rumour we've ever seen (the technology is there, after all), but it would be a drastic shift for a company which traditionally takes baby steps with incremental design changes. Samsung has previously confirmed that the Note 4 will arrive with a new form factor however, so we could be in for a surprise.

It would make for one hell of a reveal if it turns out to be true, and it would be interesting to see how LG, father of the bendy G Flex, would react.

Go on Samsung. Make it happen.

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