The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could cost more than RM2500

A leak indicates Samsung’s upcoming phablet could be almost as expensive as its Galaxy S5
The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could cost more than RM2500

Forget how the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 looks for now. An Indonesian online shop, erafone, has given us our first indication of how much it could cost. 

If you’ve been vying for the soon-to-be launched phablet, this piece of news can get you clenching your teeth and checking your piggy banks to see if there’s enough savings in there.

And by the looks of it, it’s going to be one pricy stunner. Apparently, the unit has been listed to cost IDR 9,499,000 (RM2571), putting it at a similar price range to its Galaxy S5 which costs RM2399.

If you think that we should know better than to believe such preliminary listings, in this case, it might actually be wiser to take it as an indication of what’s to come. Why do we say that? It’s because the speculated price happens to be in about the same range as its predecessors.

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It may be untrue..

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could cost more than RM2500

But that’s where it should stop. If you have a closer look at the post, it claims that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Black’s sold out on the website, suggesting that it’s already out in the market, which we’re sure isn’t quite the case.

The source also indicates the phablet’s specifications. It hints that there’ll be two versions of the phablet – one that runs on Snapdragon 805 (with a model designation of N910S) and another that runs on Exynos (to go by the model designation of N910C).

In addition, both versions supposedly have 4GB of RAM and a 16MP OIS camera. The imminent unveil is only a few weeks away (3 September), so we’ve to wait till then to debunk the rumours. 

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[Source and images: GSM Arena