MicroSD Storage Likely Available For Samsung Note 10 Pro Only

A break in tradition for Samsung.

As smartphones advance, there are sure to be some sacrifices along the way. In recent memory, we’ve seen the omission and the return of the 3.5 mm headphone jack. While we haven’t seen the omission of key features from Samsung, it seems their next big phone is keeping a traditional feature a Pro exclusive.

Tragic news for fans of expandable storage as apparently the microSD card slot will not be a standard feature for the upcoming Samsung Note 10 line, and will instead be an exclusive feature for the Pro versions of the phone. Funnily enough, according to this new leak, both versions of the Samsung Note 10 will feature the 3.5 mm headphone jack, though earlier reports have said this is not the case.

This comes from Twitter user Max Weinbach, who has sources that has tried out this new phone. In a series of tweets, Max Weinbach reveals most of the aesthetic and functional changes coming to the phone, without unveiling key specs of the phone. He mostly confirms that the leaked renders of the Note 10 are almost perfect, the included S-Pen is almost the same as the Note9, the power and volume being on the left side of the phone, as well as both versions of the Note 10 having centered single hole punch cameras.


Of course this can only be truly confirmed when Samsung officially unveils the Note 10 in the coming months. Though it is unlike Samsung to omit something that has been the standard for them since they first started making smartphones. Hopefully there’ll be a workaround for non-Pro Note 10 users to expand their storage space.